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FAQ/ Shipping/Guarantee

Beyond Promise Jewelry are in partnership with worldwide manufacturers together with top jewelry/ jewellery designers in order to fulfil our promise to bring you the best prices and one of a kind shopping experience that you will love.

Working with manufactures in various countries means that your order is shipped from many global areas such as Malaysia, Thailand, Tibet, China, Hong Kong, India, UK & other European countries, USA, and so on (more to be added). Unfortunately, our global suppliers do not always provide tracking numbers but there is no need to worry because we do offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Your money is safe!

Because we ship directly from our partners in these countries, your item may take 2-5 weeks to arrive. Please do not panic if it does not show up immediately, it's on its way :)

  •  How do I place an order?
    • Decide how many item you want. Simply click the "Add To Cart" button, and then go to your cart that's shown at the top of the page: It also shows the number of items. Simply Click on it! After that, please click "check out" (or the PayPal button), and fill in your details.

Please take your time and add your shipping details correctly so that your order can be processed in a seamless manner. Please also ensure that your PayPal address is up to date with the correct address details. Some people move houses but forget to update their details.

  • How much is shipping?
    • This depends on the product ordered, the total weight, and where we're shipping to. You will find that most of the shipping are FREE for purchased items.

  • How long does it take for an order to arrive?
    • Again this depends on the product ordered. Most items will arrive in about 2-5 weeks. Some sooner! If you're still not sure, just email us.  We're happy to help.
  • Can I have a tracking number?
    • Unfortunately as mentioned before our global suppliers do not always provide tracking numbers but we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are having a problem with your order. We will fulfil our promise.
    • I ordered 2+ items, but only received one... where's my order?
      • Because we have a large assortment of different products not stocked in house, it means that when you order multiple items at a time, they may be shipped separately and also from different warehouses so they get to you faster. It is most likely that each one will be sent in a separate package. Hence, you may receive one item before the next. If this happens, don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once…they are on the way :)
    • Why have I not received any order confirmation details?
      • This could happen if our customers have accidentally entered their email incorrectly. Throughout the process we send 3-4 emails, including an order conformation, a fulfilment notice, and a shipping notice.
        If you feel you may have put in the wrong email please contact us and we will put it right for you.
    • What is your refund policy?
      • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee- Which means we will refund your money if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order. We want to provide a risk-free shopping experience and trust our customers to not take advantage of us on these offers.
    • Are my payments Safe and Secure?
      • Yes, your payments are 100% Safe and Secure. We use the PayPal secure payment gateway and Shopify Secure payment gateway.

        ** You can also use the PayPal checkout to pay with the major credit card companies without having to log in to your account. Similarly, you can use Shopify to do the same.

      • Shopify uses a Payment processing platform called Stripe. This is very similar to Paypal. Both Shopify and Stripe are both very Legit Companies- that's why we use them for our business. 
      • For extra safety measures we have added McAfee Internet Security protection to our store.
    • How do I contact you?
      • If you have any questions that are not on this FAQ page, please email us at where we will promptly get back to you!
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