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Jewelry Company Sends Note to Embarrass Ivanka Trump – But It May Have Backfired!

Ivanka Trump has been on the news recently because of her support for her dad’s campaign for the US presidency.

The media has recently been stirred up because of a Jewelry Company’s note sent to Ms. Trump after fulfilling her order. Here is what happened!

Ivanka made the purchase from Lady Grey Jewelry Company for a gold plated Helix Ear Cuff (clip-on earrings) costing $84. Mainly due to their differing Political views the Company’s co-founders and designers Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader decided to send a handwritten message with her purchase.

A spokeswoman for the company told the Huffington post that although they were flattered to receive the order from Ivanka their beliefs and ideals couldn’t be further from those of the Trump Campaign.

  • The note revealed that they donated the proceeds of Ivanka's purchase to various organizations, including the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the American Immigration Council and the Everytown for Gun Safety organization.
  • They then posted a photo of the note they sent to Ms. Trump on Instagram.

Lady Grey Jewelry Note:

Note To Ivanka Trump

Dear @ivankatrump, #thanksbutnothanks #payitFORWARD️             Instagram

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As Jewelry business owners it is in your interest to treat everyone with total respect and keep all customer information confidential. Embarrassing someone because they happen to have different viewpoints to yours is just not right in our books and also violates the privacy policy. We are not politically orientated with any of the parties but we know that a moment of irrationality can lead to repercussions later on. For any company, this kind of action is just plain bad business sense and can potentially be detrimental to their bottom line. Only time will tell!

Oh well!

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